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Kasbook Screenshot iOS
Kasbook Screenshot iOS
Kasbook Screenshot iOS


Easy to Use

Plain and simple, KashBook lets you add/delete accounts, Income and expenses from the easiest and most accessible way for the user.


Configure KashBook by currency symbol that you use. You can manage your accounts in different currency each.


Make backups and export your accounts as spreadsheet .csv format only in one step.

User driven new features

Do you wish to add more functionality or Characteristics to KashBook? New features are in development chosen by our consumers.


Q: How do I add an account in Kashbook?
A: At the main screen, just press de '+' button and the New Account screen will come up. There you can input an account name, press the 'Next' button in the keyboard, add a currency symbol, press the 'Next' button in the keyboard and choose a currency position. When you are done, press the 'Save' button at the upper right corner of the screen. Note that you can only add 5 accounts in the free version.

Q: How can I edit an account name,currency symbol or currency position?
A: Press the 'Edit' button at the main screen. This will invoke the edit screen where you can press on the account you want to edit. Note that only version 1.3 and up let you modify the individual account's currency symbol and position.

Q: How can I delete an account or reorder my accounts?
A: Press the 'Edit' button at the main screen. This will invoke the edit screen where you can delete an account by pressing the minus icon or you can reorder your accounts by dragging one of them by the accessory button on the right. Press the 'Done' button when you are finished. You can also delete an account by swiping your finger from left to right over the account. This will show a 'Delete' button.

Q: How do I add an Income or Outcome to an account?
A: First, tap on your account. This will invoke the Income/Outcome screen. Press the '+' button on either side to add an Income or an Outcome. A new screen will show where you can input the amount, press the next button and add a description for the operation, press the next button and select a date. When you are finished, just press 'Save'. Note that the total balance of the account is shown at the navigation bar. You can also optionally see the total Income/Outcome at the top of each operation's columns (version 1.3 and up).

Q: What if I don't want the individual totals for the Income/Outcome columns to show?
A: You can go to 'Settings' from the main screen, press the interface button and turn off the switch for showing the totals.

Q: How can I modify an existing Income/Outcome operation?
A: Just tap on the operation you want to modify and the operation's screen will come out. Modify the fields you need and the press 'Save'.

Q: How do I delete an Income/Outcome operation?
A: Press the 'Edit' button at the Income/Outcome screen. This will invoke the edit screen where you can delete an operation by pressing the minus icon. The amount of the operation will be added or subtracted accordingly to the balance of your account.

Q: Can I delete the whole Income/Outcome column ?
A: Yes, as of version 1.3, you can just press the 'Delete All' button of the corresponding column.

Q: Can I export my data to a spreadsheet?
A: Yes, at the Income/Outcome operations screen you will notice a small gear icon that you must press to see the Options screen. There you can press the 'Export to CSV' button. This will give you the chance to send your accounts' information formatted in a CSV file format fashion (comma separated values) to an email address of your choosing. You can then copy the contents of the email and paste them in a text editor, save the file with .csv extension and open it with a program that supports CSV format, such as Excel. (not available on the free version)

Q: Can I have different currency symbols/positions in different accounts?
A: As of version 1.3 you can. You have a default currency symbol/position but you can change it for every account. Not available for the free version.

Q: Can I password-protect the main screen of Kasbook?
A: You can in the paid version.

Q: How can I contact you for requesting a feature or reporting a bug?
A: At the lower right of the main screen you'll see the cool little robot icon of Artefacto Estudio. Tap on it and you'll be able to request a feature, report a bug or go to this FAQ.


KashBook is the personalized Costs Record Book for mobile devices users. Keep track of your income and your expenses control.

Configure multiple accounts with different currency each. Calculate your budget every month and export your records in csv format.

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